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aromatherapy sensory tool for kids, teens, and adults

Why Feeling Friend?

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Why Feeling Friend?

+Unique safe-touch application method of pure essential oils

+Multi-sensory fidget tool to aid in emotional self-regulation

+Machine washable

+Strategies resource booklet included with every Feeling Friend

Student Success

I am a kindergarten teacher and see my share of children who struggle with identifying and managing their emotions. I've seen great success with students who have difficult emotions and use a Feeling Friend to help relieve those emotions. It's great because they are small, handheld, tactile, and the student can pick the best smell for their needs!

A Public School Educator

Counseling Connections

I am a school counselor and first started working with Feeling Friends as a tool for students to have access to at their desk throughout the day. I have found that the aromatherapy provided by the Feeling Friend greatly decreased their difficult emotions and grew my rapport with each student. Students were able to come see me as needed to re-apply a particular smell which gave me an opportunity for a quick check-in on how they were coping with various issues. I highly encourage mental health professionals to look into these for your students, patients, clients, everyone!

High School Helper

My daughter suffers from anxiety and the Feeling Friend allows her to manage her emotions with aromatherapy at school as needed. I'm so grateful for the Feeling Friend because she can self-help without fear of being teased or bullied. All her friends have one too because they are "cute".

A Concerned Parent

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Feeling Friend LLC is a woman-owned and operated business. Our mission is to help empower as many kids, teens, and adults as possible to develop healthy coping skills and emotional self-regulation.

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